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     I am a theater artist with noodles for hair who focuses on acting and directing (among numerous other visual mediums). At any given moment you will most likely find me in paint-splattered overalls with pencils sticking out of my curls and a smile on my face as I’m probably wandering around somewhere in my hyperactive imagination.


      As a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television, I have participated in a number of artistic endeavors like hosting my own radio show with UCLA Radio, writing and performing in comedic sketches for over 12,000 people at Spring Sing, and was the lead content creator for a 10-week online engagement program involving 800 UCLA alumni families. 


      As an artist, I am constantly looking to further express myself visually but with the authenticity of my motivated, queer, spontaneous, and passionate brain sitting in the driver’s seat: this is the beating heart of the characters I portray and the paintings I create. In the world of my work, inspiration arises out of everything from the unexpected, the challenging, to the simple messiness of an otherwise passing moment.

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